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Amber Birch Syrup - 100ml
Amber Birch Syrup - 100ml

Amber Birch Syrup - 100ml

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The Canadian Birch Company - AMBER Birch Syrup

This pure Canadian Amber Birch Syrup is full-bodied, with subtle balsamic and caramel notes.  It enhances a wide range of foods from grilled salmon, roasted meats and root vegetables, to sauces and marinades!  It is especially effective as a meat tenderizer and pairs deliciously with dried fruits, nuts and smoky cheeses on a charcuterie board.

Refrigerate after opening.

Ingredients:  100% Birch syrup

Also available in 50ml size.  50ml AMBER birch syrup

Item number:  154CC ABS000100
Price:  $27.99