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Eurographics Puzzle - Country Drive - 1000 pieces - 6000-0968

Eurographics Puzzle - Country Drive - 1000 pieces - 6000-0968

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Eurographics Puzzle - 1000 pieces - Dominic Davison Puzzle Collection 

Country Drive

Approximate completed size:  49 x 68 cm (19 x 26.5 inches)

Style:  150CC 6000-0968

Price:  $23.99

Eurographics jigsaw puzzles are premium quality, printed in Canada and manufactured in the USA.  They are recyclable, and are non-toxic, using soy-based ink.

Eurographics puzzles are fun and provide hours of entertainment for the entire family.  They are committed to delivering puzzles of exceptional quality.  All of their puzzles are manufactured using top quality blue board.  With their razor-sharp precision tools producing clean cuts, it ensures that all puzzle pieces fit together perfectly!