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Freestyle Lawn Darts - By Outside Inside OI-99945

Freestyle Lawn Darts - By Outside Inside OI-99945

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Freestyle Lawn Darts by Inside Outside 

A fun game of skill that can be taken with you anywhere.  This lawn dart set is light and portable that's perfect for travel, camping the beach or simply your backyard.  Anywhere you and your friends get together!  Set up is quick and the set is compact and portable.

Take turns tossing the lawn darts at the rope rings for points.  The brightly coloured rope rings are easy to see in most terrain and come in different sizes for a more challenging game.

The game set includes four lawn darts (18.25" x 2.25") in two colours, four rope rings (2 x 30" diameter and 2 x 16"diameter), instructions and a carry bag.

For 2+ players

Weight:  12 oz 

Item number:  100CC OI-99945
Price:  $52.98

NOTE: This set contains small parts and is not suitable for young children under 3 years of age.