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Geocaching - Micro Log Roller
Geocaching - Micro Log Roller

Geocaching - Micro Log Roller

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Geocaching - Micro Log Roller

You never know when you might need a special tool.   Do those micro and nano log sheets cause you trouble to roll them back up after you've signed them?  Then this is the tool you've been looking for!

The official Landsharkz Nano Log Roller!  Made with cotter pins and a colourful bead, it also features a split ring so that you can use them on your keychain, as well as a Landsharkz zipper pull tag to keep and admire or leave as a trade item.  They are perfect for rolling up those tiny micro and nano log sheets!  The sturdy metal swivel allows you to spin logs easily. The colour can vary.

Item number:  147CC Micro Log Roller

Price:  $6.99